Sunday, June 7, 2015

How to become a prostitute - Part 2, appearance

The right look matters if you are a prostitute. While there are as many tastes (or lack thereof) as there are men, there are some general things to be said about dressing up your avatar if you intend to go on the whoring path. Let's have a look at what the owners of Street Whores - Town square say about appearance:

This is me in december 2010, without implants or attachments


There isn’t one. Every punter has a dream of his perfect whore. Some want ladylike feminine types, others cheap sluts and everything between. Some of the most successful girls are real slags and look it. Others dress to kill or to thrill. The best advice is get a really good (probly expensive) skin and hair. Learn to do your makeup to get the look you want and buy clothes to suit your look. It all costs money and you have to start with freebies I know but as you earn, invest in your look.

As we all know from RL, men get their sexual head space visually. Look is important. You can get their attention through chat but in the end it’s how you look and if you appeal to their dream that will win you the business. Experiment."

This is me in 2013, with mesh boobs and other hair. I also changed my dragon tattoo

There is not so much I can add to this, really. I invested a lot in my appearance from day one and I am cashing in on my appearance most of the time in Second Life as a result. I could say: "Do something that matches your style and character" If you feel comfortable and sexy, it will work for you. But also, be prepared to be critical to your appearance and adapt it when the time comes. There will be new clothing, mesh and other shapes and parts of them on the market that may help you improve. It never stops...

This is me 2 weeks ago: new prim eyes and still one of my 'old' flex hairs in use. In the course of time I also added prim nails, Slink feet and a lot of extra wardrobe.

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