Wednesday, June 3, 2015

How to become a prostitute - Part 1, finding a place

I guess there are all kinds of reasons for a girl to become a prostitute. In Secondlife, apart from the money, there is primarily one good reason:

You like cybersex, but most of all you love the feel of being paid for it...

So, how do you start out?
First of all you would need to be sure this is what you want. Being a whore may sound exciting, but it's a bore for much of the time too. Be prepared for hours and hours of sheer nothingness, digital rain and virtual disasters (crashes, silent logouts etc.) It's not glamourous and much of the time it's not raunchy or dirty either.
If you're just in it for a quick buck: become a banker
If you want lots of silly semi-afk cybersex: go to a 'nude beach'

Then, be prepared. I will go into stuff like good shapes, skins, skimpy or sexy clothing in all forms later, if I feel like. For now, I'm going to talk about places. Provided you are 'well-dressed' for the job, you don't look too awful and you have some experience in cybersex and dealing with scripted furniture, you're good to go. Only where do you go?

That is not an easy question. It took me a while to find the answers to that for myself. Initially, it may seem attractive to just hang out at some busy adult spot and go look for punters there, but this may not work out as well.
Thing is: busy places often have many different people around, with different intentions and ideas. While you may find clients there, you are also going to find lots of people who will take a big bite out of your time. This will cost you most of your energy, energy that you will need badly between the sheets.

Elvira, an experienced prostitute, nicknamed 'the vacuum cleaner'

This is why I choose to be in a place where I can easily be identified as a hooker and where men (expect women too, every now and then) are expected to pay for sex. This eliminates a lot of confusion. If you are at such a place and some guy comes in for a free fix, he will either be ignored by you and your colleagues or, I prefer that, pointed to the hopelessness of his 'mission'.

You can choose a club, raunchy, or up-scale, pick a street corner at a redlight district, that's up to you. I work at Street Whores - Town Square because I like it there and because it works for me. I don't have to be a pole dancer and entertain random idiots who come in. But it is expected that I am somewhat social and greet people. By not dancing I can focus completely on hooking up some guy.

On busy days there may be lots of traffic, but those are not always the best days: busy days have lots of prostitutes hanging out too, lots of 'tyre kickers' (men who hang out and waste your time) as well who will create additional confusion. You want the traffic, but not it's downsides.
On quiet days there may be a lot less men, but it's easy to deal with them. There's less competition from the other girls and you can easily identify your customers. Personally, I like that. I've been on empty streets and picked up 3 men in a row, men who 'happened to be in the neighbourhood'. Ahem.

Don't be put off by an empty place: you only need 1 man at a time

And that's another thing you have to look at: traffic is not only about who is present, but also about who is coming in. A near-empty spot may actually have a lot of passers-by who will leave again when they see no one. A busy spot may be full of people who are away from keyboard and will never communicate with you, hire you, or be hired by some girl.
Then, there are differences between (good) hookers and punters. Punters are looking for a girl and will continue to look until they found one. So they move around. They walk, teleport in and out of places etc. (some of them never walk actually, but that's another story) Good hookers have regular clients that want to find their favourite girl back. So when they move around too much, they loose business. Also, they need to be in a place where they are identified as a hooker. Moving around all the time, looking for men, may sometimes work and it can help to gain an extra regular, but overall it is not a good tactic for a prostitute.

Pick your spot and stick to it for a while. It'll pay off.

This also means that you are likely to find more prostitutes in an area at any given time than punters. This is not a big deal: punters will come in and pick their girls. You will notice the same thing at any train station: there seem to be more taxi drivers waiting than there are passengers. This is because taxi's wait for customers, clients don't wait. Taxi drivers have to be patient, prostitutes too...

That's lesson 1, I hope it is usefull somehow.

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  1. Hi Tsai,
    well this first post on the subject is really interesting. I would have never thought of sticking to one place only, but from what I read it seems to be a good strategy after all. I did not launch my business (yet), but if I do, I will definitely do this.